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Just finished getting back to some comments from the past two weeks. I suck at comments lately, yo. I'm trying to get better. Just flog me when I don't reply in a timely fashion, k? :D

Congrats to Phelps on making history. I'm not a personal fan of his (just his bangin' body) and having him shoved down my throat 24/7 got old (just like it does with everything, natch), but I certainly can respect what he's done and was sucked in like the rest of the country. It was an exciting run to witness, to say the least. Plus, USA and shit. \o/

Today was a rest day for the USA baseball team, and now they don't play until 7 a.m. East Coast time Monday morning, and it's 7 a.m. the rest of the prelim round. And fucking hell, you know I will be dragging my ass out of bed early before I have to leave for work to watch it because I'm a big loser like that. So sue me.

I have to say I'm really not happy with the baseball coverage so far. Everything's gone really late or been really early, and the replays are 90% of the time in the very wee hours of the morning. It sucks. In theory, the medal round should be better, but still. Way to suck, NBC.

And yeah, that was totally Dara and Mama LaPorta and Mrs. Altman I saw yesterday. They showed them a few more times at the end of the game after Matty gloved the last out in their 5-4 win over Canada. Cindy was in her Uncle Sam hat again. *giggles* I can only imagine what Matt thought of his mom's getup! XD.

In other news, Fay is threatening to hit Florida, and I have the very distinct feeling we'll be right in her path here in good old Gainesville. Seems like we get hit with one at least once a year, though we were lucky last year.

Spent some time (after laying curled up in bed with the cramps of doom watching MTV's "The Hills" marathon - shut up) doing some more work in my room, and realized that I am in great need of more storage space. I knew it wouldn't be enough with what I was used to in Commons.

I also started going through some of my old notebooks and stuff, with my poetry and song lyrics and other writing, and then I started reading one of my old journals. Man, I remember how badly I couldn't wait to move out of the house, but I didn't remember exactly how horrible it was there at the end. My mom and I get along so much better in small doses, without me living at home. Back then our relationship was an absolute nightmare. I love my mom, but I know I was justified in my haste to get out. That's why I will find a job right after I graduate if it kills me, because I could never, ever move back home. EVER.

Speaking of jobs, my cousin is pretty sure she got the job with MLB! She had a second interview with them and they found out she had gone on a second interview with another company, and they told her that if the other company made her an offer, she needed to call them right away and let them know before she accepted anything. Yay! She'd be doing basically the same thing as she did at the NBA, which was TV production stuff. She loved her job but they had to downsize and let a lot of people go, so she's really excited about this because she's so bored just being home and doing mommy and wifey stuff, as much as she loves Andrew and the girls. She needs to work, too. It doesn't start until October, but still. Yay! And who knows? Maybe there's a chance I could do something with/for her when I graduate. It didn't exactly help me when I applied for the NBA internship (they said they were looking for someone with more of a telecom background and I'm on the print side), but since they're just starting up, who knows? And I'd love to go back to Jersey, if I have to leave G-ville.

Anyway, it was crazy reading some of that stuff and knowing I still feel a lot of what I wrote back then, even now. I've grown and changed a whole lot, but there are some things that are still the same, like my struggles with self-confidence and the ever-present longing for a guy. But some things just take time.

It's extremely late now and even though I'm not really that tired for whatever reason, I should turn in for the night. Have a lovely Sunday, f-list!

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